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The less known villages

History and good food

Poggio-Torriana and Montebello

Poggio Torriana rises on a rocky cliff that offers a breathtaking view. In addition, in July takes place the famous festival of food and wine , The hill of the flavors.
Montebello is famous for hosting the ghost of Azzurrina, a little girl who dwells in the castle of Montebello. You will have the courage to arrange a visit at night?


Talamello is the original birthplace of the prized Amber of Talamello: a cheese very characteristic.

Sant'agata Feltria

Sant'agata Feltria is a small basin surrounded by hills, on which stand the castle and the many trattorias and typical restaurants.

Petrella Guidi and Pennabilli

Petrella Guide has a nice shape to the artichoke that will give you a view of the surrounding valley and mountains breathtaking.
Pennabilli , instead hosts a number of festivals and trattorias where you can eat well for very little money.

The villages most popular

Charm and views


Santarcangelo is a medieval village full of echoes of history. In addition, it hosts various festivals and fairs from the internationally renowned, numerous cafes and typical restaurants and wine bars are renowned.


The medieval village of Verucchio stands on a rocky crag, from which to enjoy a romantic view. Not to be missed is the opportunity to taste a succulent dish of grilled meat in one of the open barbecues local.

San Marino

From 2008 onwards San Marino and mount Titano have been awarded by the UNESCO for recognition of the heritage of humanity.
San Marino is the oldest Republic in the world and boasts a well cared for historic centre and the ancient, while the rest of the city is characterized by long rows of fashionable shops.

San Leo

The Rocca malatestiana (malatesta fortress of San Leo is home to a medieval castle that is located on the top of an outcrop of rock.
Good food and breathtaking views are the keywords of this charming village.


Lanes, the san pietrini, and a love that is cursed...Gradara is a village of great charm, the theatre of the tormented love between Paolo and Francesca, narrated in the Divine Comedy.