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The cuisine of romagna

The love for the quality and the table

At the Oregon Hotel of Rimini experience to the table is an integral part of the success of your vacation.

In fact, another of the legacies of Father Oreste to their daughters was just the love for the traditions of romagna and the good food.
We enjoy the good cuisine of romagna, recipes are simple but prepared and cooked with love and passion, always with an eye to the quality of the products that we use.

In the morning, when you wake up you can head to the breakfast buffet, where you will be welcomed with tasty cakes and tarts, homemade cakes and pastries, but also croissants, yogurt, jams and bread.
At lunch and dinner we propose a menu of meat and good fresh fish, consisting of starters, first and main courses, all genuine and healthy.

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Vegetables at Km 0

Only genuine products

At the Oregon Hotel in Rimini we are great supporters of the local cuisine of romagna, so much so that we chose to use only organic products that Graziana directly collects from our family land.

Our cuisine is characterized by simple flavors, but with a big taste. Every day at lunch and dinner you'll find the freshest buffet of raw and cooked vegetables coming directly from the campaign.
The use of products km0 allows us to enhance our local identity, to emphasize the link with the territory and to guarantee the use of only fresh, healthy and seasonal.

Bread, pasta, cakes

Our home-made products

Water, flour, eggs, salt and lots of love: here are the main ingredients of the dishes as Angela, born of an old culinary tradition, natural and healthy.

At breakfast the aroma of its freshly baked cakes will inebriate you, while for lunch and dinner you can do an encore of his fresh home-made pasta by following the recipes of the romagnola tradition.
And for lovers of the shoe never fail to accompany the dishes of the main meal-fried dumplings, the fornarina, and our home-made bread is crispy and fragrant.

Piadina romagnola

Taste and creativity

If you miss the sun and the sea of Rimini, you can just prepare the piadina romagnola home-made to be catapulted in the summer of the riviera romagnola.

Here is the recipe used by Angela to prepare the famous "piadina" of the Hotel Oregon.
The suggestion that the Pasini family gives to the filling is to go to the feelings: let yourself be guided by taste and the imagination.

  • 500g of Flour
  • 50ml of extra Virgin olive Oil
  • 250 ml of Water
  • 2 g (half a teaspoon) of baking soda
  • 10 g salt

Good appetite!

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Good boys, thanks for everything

Thank you for the hospitality, you are very good, thanks to the cleaning women, thanks to the super cooks to the wonderful service at the table, the beautiful marina and his family. You are hospitable and very kind! See you next time! I hug you


I advise and recommend

I've been coming to you for 26 years now and every time I come back to when I was a child! I cannot but express only positive notes: hospitality and kindness are in your hearts. Thank you, as always, for everything! A big hug.

Marco R

Pleasant stay, large hotel

Here we find the welcome that distinguishes the Romagna people. The service is impeccable, they make you feel at home right away. Everything in the hotel is perfect, from comfortable beds to functional furnishings and cleanliness. The breakfast is abundant, both sweet and savoury. Lunch and dinner are excellent with lots of choice, meat and fish menus are offered every day. To be mentioned the genuineness of the food that are strictly handmade by the wise hands of Mrs. Angela, such as cakes for breakfast, bread, focaccia, fresh pasta.