Hotel with traditional cuisine of Romagna

Right from breakfast you will find a traditional cuisine of romagna: you can enjoy a buffet breakfast where guests are served the delicious donuts and pies, homemade cakes, brioches, yoghurt, jams and bread.

At lunch and dinner you will find dishes that are born from an old culinary tradition, natural and healthy: strozzapreti, tagliatelle, gnocchi, passatelli, and of course the famous piadina romagnola. Every day at lunch and dinner choice between meat and fish to satisfy even the most refined palates. In accompaniment to the main dishes, guests can also enjoy fried dumplings, fornarina, bread crispy and fragrant home-made and cured meats.

Vegetables at zero km, our garden products

Every day at lunch and dinner you will also find the freshest buffet of raw and cooked vegetables, coming from our family land. The production of vegetables genuine coming directly from the countryside and prepared in nopstra kitchen, for maximum taste and freshness at the table.

You already have your mouth watering? You just need to book a stay in our comfortable 3-star Rivazzurra, to discover and taste all the delights that we have to offer.

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